Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Neither Rain, Sand or Monsoons Keep Us From Delivering

The Arizona desert is known for its “monsoon season” during the hot summer months. Havoc can be caused by the heavy rain, wind, and dust-storms. During one of these horrific storms, a person was impaled by a tree branch causing very serious injuries.  A local hospital called BioCARE with a STAT order for a factor product as part of the treatment for the patient’s heavy bleeding.

Within minutes of receiving the order, a BioCARE staff member was navigating a vehicle through treacherous road conditions (due to flooding and rain), a power outage and low visibility to deliver the factor product to the hospital. A waiting pharmacist rushed it to the emergency room where the patient was being treated.

That evening, a local television station broadcast a news story featuring the storm and the injuries incurred as a result, including the person injured by the tree branch. There was good news that the patient was on the way to recovery.

Amazing. And true.

Ringing in a New Year by helping to save a life

It was New Year’s Day –  a holiday for most –  when a large, academic medical facility needed a large dose of Factor VII within six hours to help save the life of a trauma patient.

The hospital contacted two large national wholesalers from whom they normally purchased products. The only way those wholesalers could get product delivered was via air transport. Because air cargo was closed for New Year’s, neither was able to have product delivered until the following day—at the earliest. The hospital was immediately referred to BioCARE by one of their other facilities.

Because of our very unique distribution network and expert staff, BioCARE was able to deliver a Factor VII product within just three hours.

The hospital has been a customer of BioCARE ever since.

Amazing.  And true.

BioCARE and Follow-Through are Synonymous

A call to BioCARE that came in late on a Friday night was for a coagulant product to be delivered to a university medical center for delivery the next day – Saturday.

As typical follow-up, the BioCARE Account Manager for the medical center called the pharmacy to ensure the delivery had arrived as scheduled on Saturday, which it did.

Two days later, on Monday, BioCARE received an email requesting a STAT shipment of a coagulant product to be sent to a children’s hospital in the same city as the coagulant product that was shipped on Saturday. This caused the BioCARE Account Manager to wonder if the product was for the same patient.

The BioCARE Account Manager contacted the buyer at the university medical center and learned that the patient had in fact been transferred to the children’s hospital. The BioCARE Account Manager arranged assistance to transfer the product to the children’s hospital.

The tenacious follow-through by the BioCARE Account Manager received grateful responses from the children’s hospital as the patient dosing had changed which required more product.  The personalized communication by the BioCARE Account Manager and Customer Service Representative allowed for product to be available at the children’s hospital immediately with ease, as well as for the continued care of the patient.

Amazing. And true.